Creative Team for B*NNED: The Gospel of Nullifidian.
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Terry Victor (artistic director/ consultant lexicographer]

Terry’s Twitter profile: actor, writer, director, lexicographer, story-teller, anti-censorship campaigner, political animal; married, bespectacled, mostly happy...

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Terry's Website Partridge Slang Online
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Comic book artist/collaborator – Mike Collins

Has been literally telling stories with pictures for around thirty years as an artist working within the graphic medium; his work includes Spiderman, Judge Dredd, Dr Who, Y Mabinogi and A Christmas Carol.
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Geek-in-chief/AD – Angharad Nia Berrow

Previously worked with Notional Theatre on Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird, You Wait For Me With Dust and the worldwide reading for the Just returned from performing and ADing for Simply See Productions at the Edinburgh Fringe
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Choreography/performer – Gemma Prangle

Gemma has recently performed work in the Wales Dance Platform with Ransack Dancee, as well as creating and performing outdoor work with Protein Dance, Familia De La Noche and Kitsch 'n' Sync. Previously worked with Notional Theatre on Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird.
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Performer – Dick Bradnum

Dick defies the performer archetype of the introverted soul dealing with insecurity by being a brazen egotist for whom no attention is too small. He has been doing this a long time, nonetheless he ploughs on regardless of the demands of late capitalism… Previously worked with Notional Theatre on Fragments of Ash.

Dick Bradnum Spotlight CV
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Performer – Caroline Sabin

Created and performed with – among other great namedrops - Peter Greenaway, Dario Fo, Earthfall, Marc Rees, Gerald Tyler, Volcano and National Theatre Wales. A self-confessed nerd with a strong interest in neuro-science.

Caroline Sabin CV
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Reader – Emma MacNab

Cardiff-based actor for stage and screen. She is a founder member of 3 Crate Productions and a moving force in National Theatre Wales’ Skill Swap.
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Lloyd Grayshon (AV concept)

An E15-trained actor with a talent for the creative application of AV.
Lloyd Grayshon was recently nominated for ‘The Young Critics Award for ‘Best Digital Design’ for the Mappa Mundi/Torch Theatre production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which he also appeared as ‘Snug the Joiner’ and ‘First Fairy’.
Lighting concept – Jane Lalljee
Secret word – Neil Gaiman
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Steve Purbrick- Website designer

Actor, Web Designer, Graphic Artist and 3D animator, and gets the videos working on the website. Confirmed geek AND nerd.

Serigraphus Steve Purbrick dot com