Creative Team:

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Terry Victor (artistic director/ consultant lexicographer]

Terry’s Twitter profile: actor, writer, director, lexicographer, story-teller, anti-censorship campaigner, political animal; married, bespectacled, mostly happy...

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Terry's Website Partridge Slang Online
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Angharad Berrow (actress and film maker)

Caerphilly-based Angharad – the emerging face behind the finger - is a student filmmaker/actress who was part of the original Incubator project.
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Jessica Cohen  (tic-tac choreographer)

Trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance and was principal performer with Moving Being. She is co-artistic director of Earthfall which she co-founded with Jim Ennis who directed her second solo work.
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Richard Huw Morgan and John Rowley (performance makers)

John Rowley and Richard Huw Morgan have worked as professional performance makers in Wales since 1990, as key members of Brith Gof, Pearson/Brookes and as founders of Das Wunden and good cop bad cop. Their work has been characterised by a continuous willingness to experiment with both the form and content of performance practice.
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Gemma Prangle (physical theatre performer/deviser)

Twitter profile: South Wales based performer striving for embarrassment on a daily basis.
Gemma has performed as an ensemble member in Frantic Assembly's 'Little Dogs' and recently performed with Cardiff based dance company Taikabox as part of this year's dance shorts.
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Kevin McCurdy (fight choreographer)

Motto: “Work hard. Fight easy. Have fun.”
Kevin’s talents have graced the RSC, the Globe, TV and the movies. Check out his website for an inspiring CV.
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Victoria Tyrrell (physical theatre performer/deviser)

Theatre credits include a national tour of a one-woman Music Hall comedy for Frantic Theatre, Sum Zero at the Hammersmith Lyric, The Audition at Barons Court and Future Cinema,
In the digital world Victoria presents Show Brazil on Sky 203's My Channel and SmartLive Casino on Sky 863 online virals and corporate documentaries,
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Rob Wix MSc. (science communicator)

Scriptwriter, composer, educator and eco-friendly powerhouse who began his career at Techniquest, toured the science centres of Europe and founded the Sustainable Science organisation of which he is creative director.
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Melanie Jones, British Sign Language tutor PGCE

'Being involved in this project [Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird] allows me to teach the actors involved some sign language and also allows me to explore and express the creative side of the language. I am very passionate about teaching BSL and this theatre production will help show that we all use gestures in everyday language. Unpicking the meaning of these gestures and signs is a very interesting concept to me.'
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Rob McNeill (choreographer)

Rob McNeill is continuing the physical exploration that began during the Incubator project.
He trained at Laban. His credits include productions for the National Theatre and Punchdrunk. He has also curated a number of large-scale multi-arts events.
He and Terry Victor first worked together as devisor-performers in Punchdrunk’s acclaimed production of Masque of the Red Death in 2008.
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Gareth Wyn Griffiths (composer)

Gareth Wyn Griffiths composed the music for Notional Theatre’s Fragments of Ash and Anissia. Gareth works widely as composer, arranger, musical director and actor-musician.

Bridal Dance
Bridal Dance
End Sequence
End Sequence
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Lloyd Grayshon (AV design/interaction)
An E15-trained actor with a talent for the creative application of AV.
Lloyd Grayshon was recently nominated for ‘The Young Critics Award for ‘Best Digital Design’ for the Mappa Mundi/Torch Theatre production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which he also appeared as ‘Snug the Joiner’ and ‘First Fairy’.
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Visual Influence (documentary)

Visual Influence is Cardiff film-makers Chris and Rich: their web site says more about them than a short biog ever could:

Visual Influence
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Steve Purbrick- Website designer

Actor, Web Designer, Graphic Artist and 3D animator-