The Abacus
A Worldwide Reading: Liberty and Recognition for Edward Snowden
Images by Visual Influence - Christian Britten and Richard Starkey
Venue and set dressing courtesy of Helen Bur
Produced by Terry Victor for Notional Theatre
Writers like Martin Amis and Irvine Welsh are involved but right now Notional Theatre is the only organisation in the UK to be a part of
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This event was organised in conjunction with the Berlin Literary Festival. The wonderful film-makers at Visual Influence have agreed to document it - see the video above.
Terry Victor wrote a short play, 'Two Old Corinthians', in response to a painting that is part of the inaugural exhibition of a new gallery in Cardiff. Notional Theatre ipresented 'Two Old Corinthians' - performed in front of the painting that inspired it - as part of the opening night of the Alchemists Gallery on Friday 20th June 2014. Below, after the performance, in front of the painting, from left to right, Sam Thorne as Sartre, the artist Helen Bur, Steve Purbrick as Arthur Tolcher, Sam Harding as Camus, and the writer, Notional Theatre's artistic director Terry Victor.
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Have a look at the poster. You have now missed both the exhibition and the performance; the script is displayed under the painting:
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Here's the painting: The Observers by Helen Bur.
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And here is Terry Victor's playscript- Two Old Corinthians.PDF
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Fragments reviews:

Spine-tingling and intense, this striking piece of new writing and moving production will have audiences gripping their seats from the first second.
Three Weeks

The central storyline is accompanied by tautly choreographed dance played out by actors constantly switching roles. Writer/director Terry Victor harnesses this ebb and flow of physical movement in order to orchestrate the play’s pace and emotional tone while fully utilising the stage. This fluid directorial approach lends it a uniquely composite feel, subtly indicative of its central theme: the universality of human grief. […] Powerfully acted and brilliantly realised, it packs the emotional and intellectual weight of a much longer play into one emotionally exhausting hour of theatre.
Fest Mag

The question what makes ordinary women become suicide bombers is posed and answered by this moving play.
Morning Star

Using a complex mix of genres and time frames, writer and director Terry Victor succeeds in bringing a horrifyingly lucid message to the stage. It is a great ensemble performance that slips easily between those genres but succeeds in keeping the whole narrative clear.
The Stage

A supremely intelligent and very important piece of theatre.
Informed Edinburgh

It’s powerful stuff.
Brecon & Radnor Express
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