Photo credit: Kirsten McTernan

Terry Victor - Artistic Direction and Text

actor, writer, director, lexicographer, broadcaster, language blogger, anti-censorship campaigner, political animal; married, bespectacled, mostly happy. 


Twitter: @TheTerryVictor 

Christian Britten – Visual Direction

creative producer at Rewired Life, film producer and director

'... with a passion for inspiring and entertaining people through story-telling.' 

Twitter: @rewiredlife

Angharad Berrow – Actor

actor, writer, director

Twitter: @AngharadBerrow


Tamsin Griffiths – Physical Direction

dancer, performer, actor, choreographer, acrobat

'Always wear shorts because you never know when you need to do a handstand...'

Twitter: @TamsGriffiths 

 Photo credit: Bjoern Kommerell

Abbie Hirst – Creative Producer

producer, actor, film-maker

Administrator – Liz Gardiner

wife, mum, gran, administrator, actor, volunteer, avid reader, politically engaged

Twitter: @LizGardiner1

Julie Doyle – BSL Signer

mentor and trainer

'Happily providing Freelance BSL/English Interpreting services for 20 years.'

ASLI: Julie Doyle

Twitter: @juliebsl

Mike Collins – Illustrator

'... draws pictures and stuff and sometimes people give him money for it. Or cakes. Or Guinness.'

Website: Freakhouse Graphics


Jane Lalljee – Lighting Director 

lighting designer and production manager

Shortlisted for Best Lighting of Little Wolf at the Wales Theatre Awards 2018 

Website: janelalljeelightingdesign

Marketing Consultant – Ruth Garnault

Freelance consultant working in arts, culture, heritage, 3rd sector, mostly in Wales.


Twitter: @RGarnault 

Gareth Wyn Griffiths – Musician 

composer/arranger, musical director, actor-musician


Aisling Renton – Stage Manager  

From WNO's Rhondda Rips It Up, La Traviata and War and Peace to Clarissa!

 Emma Stevens-Johnson – Voice Coach

'...a long and distinguished career in vocal tuition for film, television, and theatre.'


Steve Purbrick – Website Designer

actor, web-designer, graphic artist, 3D animator

Self-confessed geek and nerd; member of the 501st Legion