Clarissa has been a celebrity for as long as she can remember. 

A wild, modern woman; her story blurs the boundaries between theatre and cinema to show the extraordinary life and glamorous times of the woman who was a celebrity long before it was fashionable. 

Mae Clarissa wedi bod yn enwog cyhyd ag y gallai hi gofio. 

Menyw wyllt, fodern; mae ei stori yn chwalu'r ffiniau rhwng theatr a sinema i ddangos bywyd anhygoel ac amseroedd rhyfeddol menyw oedd yn enwog  ymhell cyn fod bod yn enwog yn ffasiynol.


Inspired by the power of Picasso's Guernica the funny, shocking and tragic Clarissa! is an intimate study of an unreliable 20th century icon; a woman we all remember but who nobody really knows.

Wedi'i ysbrydoli gan bwer Guernica gan Picasso, mae’r ddoniol, arswydus a thrasig Clarissa! yn astudiaeth mynwesol o eicon annibynadwy o'r 20fed ganrif; menew ‘rydym i gyd yn ei chofio ond, mewn gwirionedd, neb yn ei adnabod.

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Who is Clarissa? 

She is the unreliable narrator in this play of her celebrated life.  Her given name means ‘bright, clear or famous’. 

She is all of that and dishonest too. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Clifton Photographic Company

Clarissa signs her name with an exclamation mark. This is a dark tale of corrosive celebrity.


The telling of the story of Clarissa! is inspired by the power of Picasso’s iconic Guernica. It is, perhaps, the most important anti-war image of the 20th century. If you don't know the painting or why it matters this link is a good place to start.

The story of Clarissa! is full of glamorous people and notable namedrops. Here's a few.



Meet the company:

Artistic Direction & Text – Terry Victor

Visual Direction – Christian Britten

Actor – Angharad Berrow

Physical Direction – Tamsin Griffiths

Creative Producer – Abbie Hirst

Administration – Liz Gardiner

BSL Signing – Julie Doyle

Illustrator – Mike Collins

Lighting – Jane Lalljee

Marketing Consultant – Ruth Garnault

Musician – Gareth Wyn Griffiths

Stage Management – Aisling Renton

Voice Coach - Emma Stevens-Johnson