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“Electrifying, intelligent, physical theatre” – Theatre Wales


Oh dear, this home page had a funny turn and lost track what has happened in the pandemic so far...

Terry Victor writes:

If you'd be interested to hear more about The Epic Narration of Jack Spratt's Wife or Lockdown Santa... or what has happened to Well Thumbed in the meantime, drop us a line.

Current bits and bobs of news.The actor Richard Mitchley (who appeared in Whaam! – my absurd radio play about Roy Lichtenstein) has been recording excerpts of a new piece called Boxes, as we struggle with how to get this one-off satirical take on the life of boomer off the ground. 

Mainly 2020/21 has been given over to writing for other types of production: a new whodunnit for Murder on the Menu, a lighthearted directory of contemporary music titled Genre Fluid (you can find it on Amazon), and  Word Wrangling, which is a weekly podcast on the usage of English language.

Still, we're back. Don't be strange.


Here's an unseasonal pic from the Lockdown Santa recording. We'd kind of planned Santa for the Edinburgh Fringe. Several Snowballs had been partaken of.

the story so far –

Notional Theatre has existed as an informal occasional company since 1986, as a small umbrella to shelter a variety of projects initiated by Terry Victor.
Over the years Notional Theatre has presented contemporary political theatre, including: NO OFFENCE (2008) and the Welsh premiere of Caryl Churchill's SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN (2010); children’s theatre, including: JACKO’S JIGGUMBOB (1989-2005) and Grimms' HANS, MY HEDGEHOG (1993); stage adaptations drawn from literature: WELL THUMBED, a portmanteau of the bawdy, as an ensemble and revisited as a one-man performance (2000, 2016-2018), Tolstoy’s MEMOIRS OF A LUNATIC (1986) and ANISSIA (1990); interactive museum interpretation: THE BUTLER AND THE HOUSEKEEPER at Tredegar House (1998-2006); at Newport Museum, various interactive pieces and themed characters (2003-6). 

In September 2011, following advice from ACW, Notional Theatre was reconstituted as a formal enterprise in order to develop and tour FRAGMENTS OF ASH which had just enjoyed a critically acclaimed run on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In November 2011 the beginnings of AWKWARD TURTLE FLIPS THE BIRD were shown as part of the WMC's Incubator and in March 2012 an 'instant performance' of Liu Xiaobo's YOU WAIT FOR ME WITH DUST was staged in the foyer of the Sherman Theatre. In May and June 2012, FRAGMENTS OF ASH toured to great reviews. AWKWARD TURTLE FLIPS THE BIRD took up much of 2013 and, among other outcomes, became a chapter in “Global English Slang’ (Routledge, 2014).

2014 was very experimental in tone and much concerned with responding to visual art. TWO OLD CORINTHIANS was created and performed for, and in front of, an untitled canvas by Helen Bur as a part of the Solve et Coagula exhibition which opened the Abacus gallery in Cardiff. THE GOSPEL OF NULLIFIDIAN was created with comic book artist Mike Collins and performed at Chapter as a script-in-development; the work explored the possibilities of graphic novels as a theatrical form. The third piece in this triptych was WHAAM! a short radio play by Terry Victor which responded to Roy Lichtenstein's painting of the same title; the play was commissioned for Arts Council Wales and Radio Cardiff. Notional Theatre was back at the Abacus for the Worldwide Reading for Edward Snowden.

In 2016 Notional Theatre was 30 years of age and celebrating our 5th birthday by revisiting a show that was 16-years’ old! There was some talk of developing a site-specific piece from ideas touched upon in AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES and having a birthday party. So far neither of those has happened. In 2017 WELL THUMBED, in collaboration with the fine artist Carl Chapple, enjoyed the full run of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Now, it’s 2018 and Notional Theatre is reformed and reborn again. As of April 24
th we became Notional Theatre C.I.C. (that’s a Community Interest Company), with a board of directors and a new bank account. We are the same old notion-driven company but with these structures now in place we should be in a position to bring an extraordinary piece of work to the stage. This one is inspired inspired by Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ and the aging process. It will be a mighty collaboration….